WaaS – workplace as a continuously updated service

The ways of work and leadership culture are changing faster than ever. Many employees assume that their employer is flexible about working hours and locations. Changes in working methods and employees’ needs also require continuous adaptation of the workplace.

A user-centric workplace adapts to changing needs

What is your company’s workplace like? Do the various spaces and environments meet needs, do people find them comfortable and how often are they utilised? Do you think employees should still have their own workstations?

Workplaces have traditionally been designed to last five to seven years. However, with the pace of change today, it is impossible to tell when and how your organisation, the size of its personnel and the way work is done will change.

With Martela’s Workplace as a Service you can ensure your workplace is always optimal.

Example packages

PodBooth as a service
for example = € 184/month

PodBooth delivered and assembled

Real-time monitoring of usage and utilisation rate

Flexible optimisation and circular economy model

A 50-user workplace as a WaaS service
for example = € 43/user/month

Furniture delivered and assembled

Annual monitoring of user experience and utilisation rate

Flexible optimisation and circular economy model

Available in the Nordic countries only.

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Four good reasons to use Workplace as a Service:


Better wellbeing at work and employee experience.

Renewed work and leadership cultures.

Improved productivity and employees’ ability to innovate.

Easier budgeting – total costs are predictable and manageable.


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The Urban Lab event space is highly flexible thanks to Martela’s service model


A workplace that is always optimal

Martela’s Workplace as a Service (WaaS) will ensure that your company has a workplace that always meets its needs. We plan the workplace together with you and our WaaS team takes care of its implementation and continuous optimisation.

Martela’s Workplace as a Service means you no longer need to worry or make predictions about your future workplace needs. WaaS ensures that instead of individual pieces of furniture, your company will receive a solution that covers the life cycle of the office and adapts to its changes.

We guarantee an attractive and user-centric workplace for your company with the right kind of spaces for work that requires concentration, and for team work, relaxation, encounters and meetings.

When your employees feel comfortable in their workplace, their wellbeing and creativity will increase. This will affect the productivity of their work. A company that takes its personnel into consideration is also an attractive employer.

WaaS is ideal for companies that are transitioning to a new way of working and an activity-based environment. The service is also suitable for modern coworking spaces that are shared by employees from different companies.

WaaS takes care of the space, furniture and people throughout the life cycle of the office.


Workplace optimisation saves money

WaaS is always adapted to the customer’s needs. It can include:

  • measurement of space utilisation and user experience
  • workplace planning and optimisation
  • furniture and interior solutions
  • implementation of changes
  • development of ways of working together with personnel.

WaaS is simple to access. By measuring user experiences and the utilisation rate of the spaces, we can develop the workplace to meet the personnel’s needs. Careful planning and optimisation of the company’s offices reduce the need for space, which will have an impact on leasing, maintenance and service costs. WaaS removes the ownership risk, which is why it is perfect for trailblazing companies that want to avoid unnecessary purchases.


Waste Nothing – Workplace as a Service is an antidote to throwaway culture

Martela follows the Waste Nothing principle in all its operations and thus strives to minimise its impact on the environment. Furniture in good condition is sold through the Martela Outlet store or online store (in Finland). Some furniture are serviced and/or reupholstered before they are sold. Furniture at the end of its useful life is utilised in energy generation or as secondary raw material.

WaaS adapts to change

In a rapidly changing world, it is almost impossible to know how your own organisation, the size of its personnel and its ways of working will change in the coming years or even in the next few months. Workplace as a Service has been designed to meet the challenges posed by change, as Martela takes full responsibility for workplace optimisation. This way the workplace is always optimal.

The WaaS service is paid for monthly and the customer only pays for what it really needs. This simplifies budgeting and cost management.